user regulations and user contract

Current Contract is last updated on 06.08.2010.

The User confirms by registering as a User on the internet environment of, that he/she has understood and agrees with the terms set in the current Contract.

  1. Overall provisions
    1. The manager of the internet environment (hereafter Job portal) is CVC Azerbaijan LLC (hereafter CVC Azerbaijan), VÖEN number 2301459341, located at Ganja town, Nizami Street 66, tel. 055 256 8015, e-mail
    2. It is mandatory for CVC Azerbaijan and to all the registered users of the Job portal to follow the conditions set in the current Contract.
    3. CVC Azerbaijan can change or supplement the conditions of the current Contract and the provided services and informs the User about these changes.
    4. CVC Azerbaijan offers the Users an internet environment which is the Job portal, where the Users can get information about job offers and CVs, the User can add job offers and CVs, contact job offeror and owners of the CVs and gather any additional work related information.
    5. Employment Contract or some other type of contract that is signed between the Users is entered into without interference by the Job portal and the Clients are responsible for the compliance of the conditions set in that contract.
    6. CVC Azerbaijan is not responsible for the legality of the contracts made through the Job portal or for the validity, accuracy, completeness or the actuality of the information presented through the Job portal.
    7. The right for utilization and publication of all the data presented for the CVC Azerbaijan Job portal belongs to CVC Azerbaijan as well as to utilize them online and offline, in media, in events, conventions, commercial publications and such. By forwarding items with copyrights, the User gives CVC Azerbaijan permission to use those copyrighted items during the duration of the rights and to edit them or change them in some other way.
    8. Job offers as well as the CVs of the Users (excluding personal data) can be found on the Internet including via internet search engine.
    9. CVC Azerbaijan can change, supplement, erase or modify in some other way the composition of the data presented in the Job portal at its own discretion.
    10. In addition to the current Contract the relations between CVC Azerbaijan and the Client are regulated by the legal norms of the Republic of Azerbaijan, by the prices of services and the exact conditions for the services.
  2. The Processing of personal data
    1. CVC Azerbaijan processes the personal data that the Users have presented for CVC Azerbaijan when entering their data. The collected data is used first of all to identify the User, to make it feasible for the job offeror to get in contact with the job seeker in order to present a job offer, and to make it possible for the job seeker to be visible for the job offeror and to forward his/her CV to the job offeror.
    2. The User presents to the Job portal the data that he/she finds appropriate. The User has the right to change, specify or correct his/her personal data and the right to demand the termination of processing his/her personal data and deleting the collected personal data. Therefore the User files a corresponding application to the e-mail address of CVC Azerbaijan set in the current Contract.
    3. The User gives his/her consent for the processing of his/her personal data in the limits specified in the current Contract in order to guarantee the quality and accessibility of the Job portal and the development of services in different ways.
    4. CVC Azerbaijan collects and stores personal data in digital form and makes excerptions in other forms when necessary. CVC Azerbaijan is not obliged to store the data of the Users of the Job portal in the database.
    5. CVC Azerbaijan does not publicise personal data to a third party, except in cases enacted in the current Contract. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to forward the data to selected third parties, especially the employers during cooperation.
  3. Registration and privacy
    1. Registration is needed to use the services of the Job portal Registration is not needed for reading the Job portal.
    2. Registration in the Job portal does not have a validation due date.
    3. The personal data of the Users is not public information and these are not presented to the third party except in cases enacted in the current Contract.
    4. By registering, the User confirms acceptance with the terms of the current Contract and abidance with the terms of the Contract.
  4. The rights and obligations of the Client
    1. The Client is obligated to:
      1. Present entirely valid personal data to the Job portal upon registration, including registering under his/her accurate full name and using a valid e-mail address.
      2. Present entirely valid information when using the Job portal. It is forbidden to enter false, fictive or misleading data for the job seekers and to enter job offers that might impair the rights of third parties.
      3. Ensure that while using the Job portal, the data that is presented by the Client does not contain any viruses or other computer programs or files that are interfering, impairing or in some other way disturbing the usage of the Job portal and/or that can be stored in the Client’s computer during the usage of the Job portal and/or disturb, impair or in some other way interfere with the normal functioning.
      4. Keep the password for the usage of the Job portal in such care, that it does not fall into the hands of a third party. The Client must inform CVC Azerbaijan about the loss or of the password or about it’s falling into the hands of a third party.
      5. Pay off for every chargeable service that is used, according to the pricing based on the bill presented to the Client to CVC Azerbaijan bank account. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to charge an overdue charge of 1 % per day on every bill that is overdue.
    2. The Client has the right to use all the services offered by the Job portal according to his/her discretion.
    3. The Client has the right to institute an inquiry about the information concerning the Client or to demand the erasure of his/her account with all the data included from CVC Azerbaijan.
  5. The rights and obligations of CVC Azerbaijan
    1. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to limit or cancel the Client’s right to use the Job portal, if the Client:
      1. Breaches the conditions or obligations set in the current Contract.
      2. Has presented upon registration as a user or during the usage of the portal such information that is false, misleading and/or inaccurate.
      3. Has knowingly and on purpose insulted other people or is behaving in a disgraceful manner.
      4. Has delayed with the payments of one or several bills for 7 days or more.
    2. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to observe any activities made in the Job portal.
    3. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to reorganize information in the Job portal entered by the Clients without changing their content in order to make the portal more user-friendly.
    4. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to demand fee from the Clients for chargeable services according to the pricing. Invoices of every chargeable service will be sent to Clients email and will be found in Clients account.
    5. Payments for chargeable services are not refundable by CVC Azerbaijan LLC if client wishes to terminate chargeable service.
    6. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to send individual commercial bulletins and other offers. The Client has the right to abstain these bulletins by informing CVC Azerbaijan about it.
    7. CVC Azerbaijan has the right to change the user regulations and pricing unilaterally. The Clients are informed about these changes via e-mail and through the Job portal.
  6. Final provisions
    1. The Contract is signed without due date and both parties can ordinarily terminate the Contract at any time by sending request by e-mail or mail. The expiry of the ordered chargeable services does not terminate current Contract.
    2. The dissensions between both parties about the compliance of the Contract are settled by means of negotiation. If a settlement is not reached, the dissensions are settled according to the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    3. The Contract is available on the website.