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CV owner
Name:Namik Aliyev
Telephone:+994 123 456 789
Age:23 years
Bank loan officer I aim to share my knowledge and experience in banking and in the NGO sector as a loan officer in one of the leading banks.
Desired position
Category: Banking / Insurance
Occupation: Loan Specialist
Work agreement: Labour contract, Service contract
Time of work: Full-time, Shift work
Suitable workplace: Office, Home, Can attend trips
Location: Ganja (Azerbaijan)
Salary: 500 AZN per month
Higher education:
2005 - 2007
Economics University (Azerbaijan) - Master
Field: Banking / Insurance
Speciality: Banking
Studies have given in depth knowledge and skills in banking.
Higher education:
1999 - 2003
Baku State University (Azerbaijan) - Bachelor
Field: Banking / Insurance
Speciality: Banking
Studies have given basic skills in banking.
Elementary education:
1988 - 1999
Ganja school # 10 (Azerbaijan)
Advanced training
2008 (28 days) Youth for Exchange and Understanding (Spain) - The "Organizational Management" training course
Training course provided information about how to effectively run a youth NGO and international networking experience.
2004 (9 days) Esomar NGO (Azerbaijan) - "Active Citizenship" Training Course
Training course was about youth activism and community project design and management.
Work experience
09.2007 - 09.2009 Legacy Bank (Azerbaijan) - Loan Officer
Company category: Banking / Insurance
Job category: Banking / Insurance
Job description: Preparing contracts, reviewing business plans, meeting with bank customers, overseeing interns.
03.2007 - 09.2007 Legacy Bank (Azerbaijan) - Loan Officer Intern
Company category: Banking / Insurance
Job category: Assistance / Administration
Job description: Part-time intern helping to prepare contracts, review business plans.
09.2005 - 09.2006 Youth Consulting and Development Public Union (Azerbaijan) - Volunteer
Company category: Training / Human Resources
Job category: Finance / Accounting
Job description: Volunteered as an assistant to NGO's accountant during Master's degree studies.
Language skills
Language Understanding Speaking Writing
Azerbaijani Excellent Excellent Excellent
English Excellent Excellent Good
Russian Good Good Good
German Medium Beginner Beginner
Computer skills
Program Level
Microsoft Office Specialist
Corel Draw Intermediate
Adobe Photoshop Advanced
Windows 7 Advanced
Mozilla Firefox Specialist
Mozilla Thunderbird Advanced
Additional info: Availability of personal computer, Availability of Internet
Driving skills
Category licenses: B, C
Driving experience: 3 years
Additional info: Availability of personal car
Additional information I am responsible, exacting and hardworking.
I like swimming and reading books.
I'm willing to work in other positions within a bank.